TRS Toilet Repair Set

Shower Accessories


Building Chemicals


Cement Board

Wind Brick

Light Block

Hollow Block (4'')

Fire Resistance Door Set

Metal Door Frame

Windows / Windows Frame

Doors / Door Frame / PVC Door

Clear Transparent Tape

Masking Tape

Warning Tape

PYE Wood Filla (Brown Colour)

Power Generator FG6500 FUJI


Seamaster Weather Care Paint

Seamaster Red Oxide Paint

Nippon Paint Easy Coat

Seamaster Water Based Road Traffic Paint



PVC Orange Hose

PVC Pipe Socket (With Line)

PVC Pipe Elbow (White)

PVC Pipe Elbow (Grey)

Makita DDF482RME Cordless Driver Drill

Makita DDF459RME Cordless Driver Drill

Makita DDF481RME Cordless Driver Drill

Makita DDF458RME Cordless Driver Drill

Roofing Metal Deck (8M to 20M)


Colex Safety Shoes SLY 500

Colex Safety Shoes SLB 500

Colex Safety Shoes ZZ 200

Colex Safety Shoes BPB 800

Rough Sand

Fine Sand


L Shape Steel Angle



Anti-Climb Security Fence

Xtraseal Multipurpose (Waterproofing)

PENTENS Fleseal T-200 (5KG)


Waterproofing Materials

Bakau Timber

Plywood 18mm X 4feet X 8feet

Plywood 15mm 4 feet X 8 feet

Plywood 12mm 4ft X 8ft

Expanded Metal, Mesh & Lath


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